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Guide to Recover Deleted Picasa Photos & Album

Picasa from Google is a free but outstanding image editing, viewing and organizing tool that is available for operating systems such as Windows and Mac. With the tool, you can create a web album, a movie and sharing it online with your near and dear ones. Do you know that the tool has the option to delete photos permanently off the hard drive? Yes, without even going to the original image folder, one can erase the photos with its Delete from disk option. And this is what sometime become an issues often.

Any operation done on photos or pictures using Picasa affects the original file on the hard drive too. Sometimes, by mistake a user taps the above mentioned option in Picasa desktop application and consequently that leads to permanent photo deletion from hard disk in a computer. In such a circumstance, the first question that would come in mind is how to recover deleted Picasa photos?

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How to Recover Deleted Picasa Photos?

In order to do this, first thing that one must do is checking that whether the photos are in recycle bin in Windows or trash in Mac in case if the above situation has not happened.

Many people have the misconception that the operation of erasing photos from the hard disk can never be reverted back, then it is wrong. Actually, what happens is that hard disks are made of sectors on which data is stored. Whenever a data gets deleted, the hard disk just deallocates that particular region in that sector for some other data. The actual data still resides there in that big storage device somewhere. So until the space gets overwritten by other data, the chances of recovery are very high.

If one is accustomed for making backup of these photos in Picasa or you have multiple copies of the same, then one can easily restore these deleted photos. You can also restore Picasa photos by downloading Picasa album from the web album photo sharing portals if once had you synced your tool with the web album.

But what to do when there is no backup or no such web albums present? In such difficult scenarios, it is better to opt for third party deleted photo recovery software to recover deleted Picasa photos. Having a user friendly interface, the softwares are built to recover different photo formats easily.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh